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  1. This week I learnt (Week 33, 2021)

    SVG supports SMIL animation — no JavaScript or CSS

    SVG can use SMIL animation elements such as <animate> and <set> to create declarative animation/interactivity. This allows you to dynamically change attributes like position, opacity, fill and CSS class. These features seem very widely used, but would be handy for a …

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  2. Python, FTPS and mis-configured servers

    Today's project involves automatically uploading electrical metering data to an FTPS server (explicit FTP over TLS, otherwise knowns as ESFTP). Shouldn't be a problem, since Python supports FTPS out of the box. Only it doesn't work. Here's the code:

    import ftplib
    ftp = ftplib.FTP_TLS('host', 'user', 'password')
    ftp.set …
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  3. Angular eats my default form values

    Today, AngularJS isn't doing what I expect. I've auto-generating a really long form in Django, and adding ng-model attributes so I can summarise the form. Unfortunately, Angular is overwriting my defaults. Here's a shortened example:

            <form ng-app="testApp" ng-controller="TestCtrl">
                <select name="colour" ng-model="colour">
                    <option …
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