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  1. Getting started with Guix deploy

    It's still early days for Guix's guix deploy, but it may well be my server deployment tool of the future. I'm quite excited!

    guix deploy promises to simply and reliably drop predefined operating systems onto remote machines; including services, configuration, packages and data. In the past I've used Ansible …

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  2. This week I learnt (Week 33, 2021)

    SVG supports SMIL animation — no JavaScript or CSS

    SVG can use SMIL animation elements such as <animate> and <set> to create declarative animation/interactivity. This allows you to dynamically change attributes like position, opacity, fill and CSS class. These features seem very widely used, but would be handy for a …

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  3. Why MediaGoblin?

    We've recently released MediaGoblin 0.11.0! The release ends our support for Python 2 and significantly simplifies the maintenance of the project. It also re-introduces audio spectrograms in addition to a handful of bug fixes.

    This is my second release in the maintainer seat after becoming a co-maintainer in …

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