Talks I've watched (March 2021)

Emily Ashley: 7 Falsehoods Programmers Believe about Place & Time

Emily described how the human side of collecting and visualising time-based data is more complicated than you might think, highlighting issues like varying precision where some data might have a year only, or some might be ordinal where some event happened before another but we don't know the precise time. These things don't fit well into our common date/time format. She didn't recommend any particular solutions, but mentioned that ISO 8601 does cover a range of cases.

Baishampayan Ghose: Revenge of the Pragmatists

Baishampayan discussed why adopting Clojure early in it's life worked out well for their company (100 staff). Talked about recruiting and culter and the need to grow teams rather than just hire them. Specific recommendation for all current and new Clojure programmers to read SICP. Upfront design as promoted by Clojure is different to "debugger-driven development". At scale, all problem are people problems. Small teams and FP can be very productive. FP does help build reliable software. Interestingly, he mentioned that haven't used ClojureScript because of their existing JS/TS codebase, though would like to.

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