Speaking on MediaGoblin at linux.conf.au 2016

I'm very excited to be speaking about GNU MediaGoblin this Friday 5 February at linux.conf.au in Geelong, Australia. MediaGoblin is a media publishing tool for artists.

I began using MediaGoblin nearly four years ago as a way to share photos of our new baby with our family and close friends — a popular use case from all accounts! The two compelling features at the time were the ability to upload both images, audio and video to the same service and the automatic resizing, transcoding and compression. Being a technical person, I theoretically had all the tools and knowledge to convert the media and publish the HTML, but in practise it simply wouldn't have happened. With MediaGoblin, the publishing process is a joyful one.

A lot has changed in MediaGoblin since then. GStreamer 1.0 has brought more robust transcoding with support for more formats. The client-to-server API allows publishing media from a pump.api client. There's great new features for admin users including reprocessing of failed transcoding, command-line uploads, bulk uploads, reporting/moderation, PDF/document media type, 3D model media type and much more. These advances have allowed me to also use MediaGoblin to publish audio, video and slides from my past presentations on Emacs, Python, free software and software patents.

Thanks to Jessica Tallon's work, funded entirely by your donations, the project is also looking forward to announcing federation in the near future. This will bring social features such as sharing, commenting and notifications across different distinct MediaGoblin servers. I can't wait to talk more about these exciting developments on Friday. I'm very grateful to Chris Webber and Jessica for walking me through some of the details of their current work.

Hope to see you at 10:40am in D4.303 Costa Theatre!

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