1. Grunt build hangs on ngtemplates:dist

    I just ran into a strange situation where grunt build on a Yeoman Angular project was hanging at the following step:

    $ grunt build
    Running "ngtemplates:dist" (ngtemplates) task

    The cause turned out to be an extra double quote symbol in one of the HTML view templates:

    <form method="get" action …
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  2. Auto-starting Emacs smerge-mode for Git

    I love that Emacs notices merge conflicts in Bazaar versioned files, highlighting the differences in green and pink. It's a small thing, but I really miss this automation for when working with Git — I have to manually type M-x smerge-mode.

    Emacs smerge-mode highlighting a conflict

    The feature works by looking for conflict files and markers …

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  3. John Oliver on Software Patents

    A few years back, only the legal and computing industry understood the dangers of software patents. Today I was amazed watch John Oliver's detailed and hilarious treatment of the subject on Last Week Tonight (YouTube). The narrator summed up our concerns beautifully:

    In the last decade, the number of software …

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